• Best gearbox, speed reducer, gear motor Manufacturer in China.
  • Our management team are 12 years’ management working experience in Thyssen Krupp. We control quality according to German standard.
  • Every one piece gearbox will be 100% load testing.
  • Make sure gearbox noise is no more than 65DB.
  • Gears are made of high grade alloy with carburize-harden technology, precision reaching class5-6 and even class 3.
  • To extend gearbox life and prevent oil leakage, our housing are pressure casting. Inside, there are no sand and other impurities. This can reduce wear of gears, bearings, sealings. Because of the high cost, there is few factory use this casting process.
  • We supply OEM service for you, gearbox can be stamped with your company logo in the nameplates.

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I really appreciate our relationship and your products are great. Your gearboxes are installed in our conveyor for 10 months, they are so good, we will replace another Flender gearbox next week, later I will send you the inquiry.
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Sorry for the long delay in replying to your e-mail. I have installed all the gearboxes well. The dimension are the same as Flender. Thanks for your recommendation.

I will endeavour to send a photo or two with this e-mail showing your product installed.

Kind regards

Many thanks for your advice on the gearbox. A great job done. Many thanks again.
HBReducer customer

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