Who we are

HBReducer is a professional gearbox manufacturer. Our focus has always been to provide products that offer the highest quality, the most unique designs, the most reliable performance, along with superior value. 

We have acquired the know-how and the experience to be a leader in the field of high speed gears with the development of 20 years.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff understands the importance of achieving customer satisfaction. They have been trained and empowered to meet your needs, from application analysis to order expediting and everything in between. So, we encourage you to contact us with your power transmission and motion challenges and allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

What we do

Specialize in manufacturing high quality gearbox. We control quality according to German standard, every one gearbox will be 100% load testing. In China, no factory will do test like this.

To extend gearbox life and prevent oil leakage, our housing are pressure casting. Inside of gearbox, there are no sand and other impurities. This can reduce wear of gears, bearings, sealings. Because of high cost, there is few factory use this casting process.

Housing machining is used MAZAK CNC machine, precision is no more than GR6. Our gearbox appearnce is better than other vendors.

As a professional gearbox manufacturer, we will supply products as following:

  • speed reducer factory
  • gearbox machining
  • gear manufacturer
  • gear warehouse
  • gear testing

Meet our sales team

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