5 Steps for you to select a speed reducer

Step 1: Collect data about your application

Before starting you need to know the:

  • Application (e.g. Conveyor, Mixer, etc.)
  • Hours of Operation per day
  • Motor Power (KW) and Speed (RPM)
  • Desired Output Speed
  • Mounting Position and Style
  • Overhung or Thrust Loads
  • Bore Dimensions, inch or metric

how to select a speed reducer

Step 2: Select a Frame Size

  • Find the Load Classification of your application
  • Find the recommended Service Factor
  • Determine the Selection Power by multiplying the Motor Power by the Service Factor.
  • Select a Frame size from the Reducer Selection Tables by matching both the Selection Power and Desired Output Speed (RPM) to a frame size model number.

Step 3: Verify Dimensions

Use the Dimensions information of our catalog to verify that the selected Frame Size is appropriate.

Step 4: Choose Options

The following options may apply:

  • Solid Shaft
  • Mounting Feet
  • Output Flange
  • Torque Arm Assembly

Step 5: Configure a Model Number

Go to our catalog to configure a model number.

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