• YOX Fluid Coupling 1

YOX Fluid Coupling

  • Model: YOX150 – YOX1320
  • Data: Per our specification
  • Min Qty: 1 set
  • Warranty: 1 year
YOX Fluid Coupling

1. Protect motor, improve starting capacity.
2. Short starting time, decrease current.
3. Decrease vibration, over-load protection.
4. Balance load of each electric motor.
5. Simple structure, reliable operation, long life.

Scraper Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Chain Conveyor
Screw Conveyor
Various Elevator
Coal Plough
Ball Mill
Water Pump

Transmission form I:
Note:Standard model YOX fluid coupling takes outer wheel,shell,delay chamber,
during connection, direct connection and elastic block as its driving parts,of which,the elastic block is a soft part with compensated installation and decentraction,Turbine and Turbine shaft make up slave part,normally prolong the time of working machine for 10-22 seconds.
fluid coupling design

YOX fluid coupling Design

fluid coupling type

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