• SMR Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer 1
  • SMR Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer 3

SMR Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

  • Rated Power:0.29kW~134kW
  • Gear Profile:Involute Helical Gears
  • Output Speed:10~400r/min
  • Ratio:5,13,20
  • Installation Form:Shaft,Flange Mounted
  • Backstop:Optional
SMR Series Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer

1. Housing: High-strength Cast Iron Gearboxes
2. Gears: Helical Involute Gears, Carburizing, Grinding
3. Shafts: High-strength Hardening Alloy Steel
4. Input Configurations: Keyed Solid Shaft Input
5. Output Configurations: Keyed Hollow Shaft Output
6. Oil Seal: Double Lips Skeleton Seal
7. Spare Parts: Torque arm, Optional Backstop

1 Stage(Ratio 5): B05, C05, D05, E05, F05, G05, H05, J05
2 Stage(Ratio 13/20): B13/20, C13/20, D13/20, E13/20, F13/20, G13/20, H13/20, J13/20

1. High strength of gear box, gears and shafts, sturdy and durable
2. 2 metric output shaft bore diameters(Standard and Optional)
3. Optional backstop to prevent backdriving. Backstop is not recommended for the gear ratio 5
4. Double lips skeleton oil seal combines the functions of seal and dust-proof
5. Widely used in belt conveyor and pulley drive system

shaft mounted speed reducer design

Conveyors in Mine, Quarry, Gravel Transport, Baggage & Bulk Handling, Animal Feeding, etc.

1. Hanging Shaft Mounted
2. Output Flange Mounted

Oil-bath and Splash Lubrication
Lubricating Oil: Mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil
Extreme pressure oil is not recommended, unless in case of with backstop

Natural Cooling

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