How much is the working temperature of gearbox?

It depends on the needs of customers, there is a certain difference. Usually the working temperature is -11℃~35℃. But some customer needs -35℃~45℃ working temperature.

Can worm gearbox work in much lower temperature such as -41℃?

Normally the worm gearbox can not start at all.

What about our high quality worm gearbox performance in such low temperature environment?

We did a worm gearbox low temperature test recently.

Step 1: Random select one unit worm gearbox in our stock, and then put it into the environment of -41.4℃ for over 24 hours.



Step 2: Take out the worm gearbox, we found it is already frozen.

worm gearbox frozen


Step 3: Link the worm gearbox to motor, and run the motor, we found the gearbox can be working very well.

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