Recently third-party testing organization came to our company to do worm gearbox test by professional testing machines. The testing results exceed our expectations. Our worm gearboxes meet Italian brand standards.

The worm gearbox test results are as follows:

worm gearbox test 1

worm gearbox test 2

The picture is for testing worm gearbox, the size is 90, the ratio is 20, the output torque is 368.54N.m at 3kw motor, the efficiency is 89.19%.

As we know, Italian brand worm gearbox output torque is 344N.m at 3kw, ours can reach 368.54N.m.

What about another Chinese worm gearbox suppliers? Normally their efficiency is no more than 60% .

Why can we produce high quality worm gearbox?

  1. The design and experiment of thousand times by our technical team.
  2. The usage of high quality material.
  3. All the spare parts not outward processing.
  4. Automatic production line to avoid artificial wrong operation.
  5. Every one gearbox will be tested before package.

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